5 Toyota highlights you'll love this winter

By: Funk's Toyota   |   22 Oct 2018

Let’s face it, some vehicles are better designed to deal with winter conditions than others and none will have you ready to thrive all winter long quite like a Toyota. Whether you like to head off on epic winter adventures or will spend most of your time closer to home, the following Toyota features will make every drive a whole lot better this winter.

  1. Backup Camera

When the roads and most of the vehicles on it are covered with ice and snow your driving visibility can be challenging to say the least, especially when you are trying to navigate narrow or crowded spaces. Thankfully, all new Toyota vehicles now come with a Backup Camera, making it easier to not only spot all those potential hazards, but manoeuver your way safely around them.

  1. Smart Key System

Never again will you be left fumbling for your keys on a freezing cold day trying to get inside your ride, because with Toyota’s available Smart Key System all you need to do is have your keys on you and your vehicle will unlock the moment you grab the handle. Better yet, you won’t even need your keys when you step inside – just press the Push Button Start!

  1. Automatic High Beams

It gets light later and dark early during winter, which means you are likely to be doing a whole lot more driving in the dark and relying on your high beams to help you spot any and all potential hazards. No problem, because Toyota’s Automatic High Beam feature now comes standard on all new models and will mean you always have the visibility you need without having to worry about blinding your fellow motorists.

  1. Wireless charging

As impressive as modern technology has become, the battery life of most phones, tablets, and other tech still tends to be undermined by the cold, which can leaving your precious devices in constant need of a charge all winter long. Toyota has you covered, because with its available Wireless Charging functionality you can simply place any compatible device on the wireless charging pad and it will power up automatically for you while you drive.

  1. Entune Audio

This amazing new piece of technology is not only compatible with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth functional, and connected with 6 speakers, it comes with a 3 year subscription to Scout GPS, so you’ll never get lost again. Furthermore, the Entune App suite makes it easy to stay up to date on the latest traffic and weather, which can save you countless hours of time and frustration when dealing with unpredictable winter conditions.

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