A Decade of Dreaming Big: Nine Canadian Kids Win National Dream Car Art Competition

By: Funks Toyota   |   12 Jun 2024
A Decade of Dreaming Big: Nine Canadian Kids Win National Dream Car Art Competition

TORONTO, Ontario (June 10, 2024) – Nine Canadian kids have been named finalists in the 10th Annual Toyota Canada Dream Car Art contest. From tackling environmental issues to addressing social tensions, the nine finalists from across Canada have each designed unique vehicles aimed at making the world a better place. These young artists have proposed creative solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges, and their innovative designs will now compete on the global stage.

Every year, Toyota invites kids across Canada (and around the world) to design a ‘dream car’ to help make the world a better place. This year marks a significant milestone as the design contest celebrates its tenth year in Canada and continues to inspire future artists, designers and innovators.

Here are the three Canadian winners (and finalists in the worldwide competition) in each age category (along with their designs):


Under 8 years old:

  • Lauren Kinniston (Vancouver, BC). Lauren’s entry – “Uni-play-o-rama” — drives to places without playgrounds. It has a swimming pool, arcade, restaurant, bumper cars, rest space, obstacle course, bouncy castle, sweets shop, and rest areas.
  • Aileen Lee (North York, ON). Aileen’s entry – “Happy Toyota underwater car” – is a place where everyone in the world can live together. They can travel into the sea and live happily even if they don’t have a home.
  • Elena Glavish (Thunder Bay, ON). Elena’s entry – “The Adventuresest Truck” – is a truck that goes on adventures. It’s powered by converting polluted air into clean air that’s better for animals, people, and the environment. Instead of taking from the earth, it gives back clean air to the earth.

8 – 11 years old:

  • Erica Kim (Calgary, AB). Erica’s entry – “Magical Hospital Bed” – is inspired by her grandmother who had an injury preventing her from travelling. This special car can travel to any part of the world, right from the hospital bed, for anyone that has trouble moving.
  • Katrina Liu (Richmond Hill, ON). Katrina’s entry – “The Toyota Super Trash Eliminator” – is a super car that can collect, eliminate, and reproduce the trash into useful things by using its two big arms to collect and transform garbage. 
  • Aiden Tang (Oakville, ON). Aiden’s entry – “Marine Car” – eliminates illiteracy by educating children all over the world, emphasizing education as universal right. This vehicle also teaches children about marine life and inspires curiosity.

12 – 15 years old:

  • Chloe Ng (Calgary, AB). Chloe’s entry – “Moon-construction Rover” – is a vehicle on the moon, to help assist the growing community of humans living there in the near future. The Moon - Construction Rover takes substances out of the ground, runs it through its machines, and prints out buildings.
  • Kyryll Chalov (Niagara Falls, ON). Kyryll’s entry – “Space Shark Waste Cleaning Car” – is a space vehicle that cleans up the Earth’s orbit. It’s shaped like a shark that hunts for space trash and meteorites. It can fly and ride.
  • Aiyach Yahweh (Calgary, AB). Aiyach’s entry – “Happy Memories Vehicle” – is a dream car that converts happy memories into fuel. With many difficult things in the world, like bullying, and war, this car focuses on joy and moving forward. It’s a safe place where all races can share joy and peace with others.

A panel of distinguished Canadian judges was tasked with assessing the entries from kids across Canada:

  • Jodi Lai – Editor in Chief, Auto Trader
  • Mike Mallory – Group Head, Salt Experiential Agency
  • Stephanie Henry – On-Air Host, Breakfast Television
  • Tony Kelly – Vice President, Customer Service, Toyota Canada Inc.

Here’s what the judges had to say about the submissions for this year’s contest:

I am floored by the creativity behind each entry and am encouraged that there are so many young people thinking so seriously about making this world a better place. While I’m a bit saddened by the fact that these kids seem to be so deeply affected by the state of our world, I’m simultaneously so filled with hope knowing that they have risen above it to imagine a much better place where their thoughtful ideas solve some truly devastating problems. Going through these submissions made me appreciate their optimism and ingenuity.” – Jodi Lai, Editor-in-Chief, AutoTrader

“I'm immensely grateful to all the children for their imaginative and inspiring entries. It was an honour to judge your submissions and thank you for sharing your dreams with us. Your creativity fuels our hopes for a brighter, more innovative future on the road ahead." – Mike Mallory, Group Head, Salt Experiential Agency

“Exploring the dream car entries from INCREDIBLY talented youth has been a truly awe-inspiring experience. Being a part of this process has opened my eyes to the incredible artistic abilities of these young minds and not only does this contest fuel our imagination but also challenges us to reflect on the boundless potential within every dream! It's a reminder that innovation knows no age, and their imaginative creations have me envisioning the kind of car I'd dream up if I were to join this remarkable contest!” – Stephanie Henry, On-Air Host, Breakfast Television

"The passion for the environment, nature, people, and community shines through in this artwork. I was impressed by how attuned these young artists are to current issues and how clearly they present their ideas for solutions. Their thoughtfulness and effort make everyone a winner in my book." – Tony Kelly, Vice President, Customer Services, Toyota Canada Inc.

The nine Canadian finalists have been entered into the World Finals of the contest for a chance to win a prize valued at $5,000 USD. Each Canadian finalist also received a $250 online retail gift card to KiwiCo.

Since its global inception in 2004 and now one of the world’s largest global design contests for children, the Toyota Dream Car Art contest invites future artists, designers and engineers to share their ideas about the future of mobility.

For more information about the Toyota Canada Dream Car Art Contest visit: https://www.toyota.ca/toyota/en/dream-car-art-contest

For more about the global Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, visit: https://www.toyota-dreamcarart.com/top/