Standard on most models, Toyota Safety SenseTM (TSS) is an advanced suite of active safety features that are designed to support your awareness and decision-making across a range of speeds and driving conditions.


Toyota Safety Sense Feature Availability

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Suv's & Minivans




Promoting a safer mobile world is  and always will be one of Toyota's top

priorities. Through the development of innovative technologies,

Toyota remains committed to ongoing safety improvements a commitment

that is recognized with accolades like multiple IIHS Awards.

Integrated Technologies

In pursuit of a safe driving environment, Toyota takes an 

integrated approach that brings together distinct areas of driving.



First introduced in 2011, our Star Safety System features six accident avoidance safety technologies to enhance your vehicle's stability, braking and traction.

From Driveways to Highways, Parking Lots to Passing Lanes, Toyota Safety Technologies are at Work

Explore some of our other advanced systems that help keep you safer from the moment you get behind the wheel.

Quality Builds Excellence

Toyota vehicles are built with legendary quality, durability, and reliability. Not only does this mean 

years of driving enjoyment, it also extends to your safety behind the wheel.

Always Testing

Toyota crashes more than 600 vehicles a year for safety purposes. We've developed a set of comprehensive crash tests with a number of sensors at the prototype phase, and with each collision, we examine the effects and make improvements to the design. Repeating the process over and over, we are constantly creating and then analyzing possible collision scenarios.

Checking... and Triple Checking

Take our airbags, for example. Not only do electronic connections for the airbag system have gold-plated terminals, making them immune to corrosion, every single airbag that comes out of a Toyota plant is inspected three separate times on the production line before being connected.

Safety in the Community

Our commitment to safety goes beyond the vehicles we build. Toyota partners with a number of community groups and organizations engaged in road safety research, taking part in the development of safe driving programs, in collaborative new safety technologies, and in hands-on driver education.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) Canada's world-renowned TIRF aims to better understand the causes of traffic injuries and develop mitigating programs and policies. Since 2002, Toyota has partnered with TIRF to conduct studies and develop educational resources for young drivers and help all Canadians better understand today's complex safety technologies.

kartSTART is a unique hands-on education program that uses go-karts to introduce young drivers to the demands and dynamics of life behind the wheel. And, using exclusively Toyota vehicles, kartSTART also introduces older drivers to the latest vehicle safety technologies, helping them get the most out of our Star Safety System.

Collaborative Safety Research Centre (CSRC) In 2011, Toyota launched the CSRC to serve as a catalyst for the advancement of auto safety in North America. Partnering with universities, hospitals, institutions and agencies on different projects, the CSRC shares the results of its research so that the entire industry and ultimately drivers everywhere can benefit.