Funk's Toyota Used Vehicle Commitment

If you have buyers remorse you may return to exchange your vehicle for another one. Some exclusions in the return policy which would make this 7 day exchange null and void are as follows:

If there is a trade involved, if financing the vehicle or if purchasing extended warranties or other products sold in the business office.


Funk's Toyota guarantees that the major driving components will not fail for the first 3

months or 12,000 kms from the point of purchase as indicated on the bill of sale.

INCLUDED: Powertrain is: Major engine and internal parts, Major transmission and internal parts, Major transaxle and internal parts, Major transfer case and differentials

NOT INCLUDED:Auto starts, Key fobs, Check engine lights, Maintenance, Paint chips, Rust/cosmetics, Spare tire, Electrical, Tow package & wiring, Aftermarket add-ons.

Due to all the variations between each provinces safety regulations, these listed items are going to be excluded.

Safety inspection, Windshields/glass chips which may lead to cracks, Cracked lenses/mirrors, Window tint, Tires/weather cracks, Emissions, Wheel alignments.

Definition of Major Powertrain is: If for whatever reason the engine, transmission, transfer case or differentials have a major mechanical failure due to a defect, we will cover it under our promise to you.

If there is a major failure, Funk's Toyota will make all decisions regarding the repair.

Vehicle must also have been maintained as per manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule.

Dealer discretion will be used in all deciding factors, ie. Used vs New parts, abuse, poor maintenance, etc. I understand that extra coverage warranty may be available for a fee.

100% warranty for 15 days on all Manitoba safety items.

If there is a Manitoba or an out of province safety mechanical issue then the dealership must be notified for approval prior to any repairs.