How to increase your trade in value!

Trading in your vehicle is a great way to upgrade to something better, especially if you have done all you can to boost your trade-in value. The following tips will ensure that you get the maximum amount for your current vehicle when you trade it in at Funks Toyota.

Keep thorough records

Having a record of any maintenance and repairs that you have had done on the vehicle can certainly help to boost its value, especially if you have done a good job of staying on top of any issues. If you have lost any records contact the mechanic who did the repairs as they will often have details of when, where and why work was done.

Invest in an upgrade or two

If there is an obvious issue with your vehicle that will detract from its value, such as worn tires, a cracked windshield or warped wipers, upgrading those questionable parts can turn a possible negative into a positive selling feature. If everything is in order already, investing in interior mats or liners is a classy touch that will provide another definite plus.

Detail it

Most vehicle shoppers prefer vehicles that are clean inside and out which is why even some basic detailing is a fantastic idea. Detailing involves cleaning, vacuuming, conditioning, buffing and shining every element of your vehicle, and will therefore make it a whole lot more attractive to potential buyers.

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