Battery Replacement

When it comes time to replace the battery in your Toyota or Scion, Funks Toyota offers a complete line of top quality maintenance-free replacement batteries for all types of Toyota vehicles.

Did you know that parts & labour for all Toyota Replacement Batteries installed by a Toyota dealer is warranted for 24 months?

An additional pro-rata warranty covers a portion of the warranty replacement cost for Toyota Premium Batteries - depending upon whether your battery was purchased and installed by a Toyota dealer, or purchased over-the-counter and installed elsewhere.

The Replacement Battery Warranty applies only to installations performed on Toyota or Scion vehicles by Toyota dealers. If a battery is installed by a Toyota dealer on a non-Toyota vehicle, the over the counter pro rata applies.

What is not covered?

Batteries that have been opened, dropped, contaminated, cracked, frozen or otherwise damaged.

Failures caused by the use of incorrect electrolyte.

Recharging of discharged batteries.

Batteries that have been damaged due to overcharging.

Batteries where the warranty plaque has been altered or destroyed.

Replacement for Hybrid Batteries.

Toyota Hybrid vehicles come with a Hybrid Component Warranty covering the battery for 8 years or 160,000 km, so most Toyota Hybrid owners never need to replace their Hybrid Battery.

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