Funk's Toyota Service and Parts Promotions

Cabin Air Filters from $32.95*

Here at Funks Toyota, you can purchase Toyota's Cabin Air filter starting from $32.95 + Tax & install*

Remember, you need to replace your Toyota vehicle's cabin air filter ever 12 months or 16,000 KM. By replacing the filter, you help keep dust, pollen, and unwanted orders out of your vehicle. And with our low pricing, why would you bring your Toyota anywhere else?

Engine Air Filters from $19.95*

Here at Funks Toyota, you can get an Engine Air filter starting from $19.95 + tax & install*

Did you know that a dirty engine filter reduces engine performance? When your Toyota has a dirty engine, filter its similar to your car getting a chest cold. Changing the filter every season prevents this from happening. So why would you trust any brand but Toyota to keep your Toyota performance at its highest?

Toyota Genuine Brake Pads from $74.95 per Pair*

Here at Funks Toyota, we lowered the prices of our genuine brake pads. You can get a Pair starting from $74.95 + tax & install*

Brakes are a big deal when it comes to keeping your family safe. So why trust another brand for brakes when it comes to your Toyota? Toyota Genuine brake pads are engineered to factory specifications, providing a balance of braking performance, reduced noise and dust, and extended pad life. 

Toyota Touch Washer Fluid only $3.95*

Why would you pay upwards of $6.00 for washer fluid when right now at Funks Toyota you can get Toyota Touch washer fluid for only $3.95 + Tax*

With the change of the season comes many different types of window grime. Toyota Touch washer fluid helps remove pesky bugs, film, mud and other window debris with ease. 

Genuine Toyota Batteries from $99.95*

Here at Funks Toyota, you can purchase a genuine Toyota battery starting from only $99.95. + Tax & install* ($15 core when no battery is returned)

Summer's on its way and we all know that camping and long road trips are not far ahead. So we know what that means, music , IPads, movies and more are what families count on for a flawless ride. So make sure you have the battery power to handle it. 

Our premium battery includes a 24-month free replacement and available 72 or 84-month pro-rated replacement warranty. So come on, LET'S GO PLACES. 


All prices subject to change / depending on model. Contact us for more details.

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