TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Outlines 2018 Motorsports Activities

By: Funk's Toyota   |   12 Feb 2018

TORONTO, ONTARIO, February 09, 2018 – TOYOTA GAZOO Racing positions motorsports activities as the basis of its quest to create ever-better cars. From products developed through these activities to the establishment of the GR Garage (sales outlet) in Japan, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s motorsports activities have been promoted as a comprehensive method of increasing numbers of car fans.

In order to provide to a wider audience, the anticipation and excitement of driving, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will engage in various motorsports activities in 2018.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will race as a manufacturer team under the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing name in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), and the Nürburgring 24 Hours endurance race on a global level, and domestically in the Japanese Rally Championship.

In the U.S., Toyota will continue to compete in NASCAR events. In South America, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will support Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd., who will participate in the following Dakar Rally.

In domestic races, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will attempt to retain their championships in both Super GT and the Japanese Super Formula Championship.

In its focus on cultivating young drivers who have the ability to compete in top racing categories throughout the world, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will continue to run the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Challenge Program for rallies, as well as the Toyota Young Drivers Program (TDP) for races.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will also continue to implement a range of initiatives aimed at encouraging a wider audience to experience the joy and increase their love of cars. To this end, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will host motorsports events that customers can participate and enjoy, such as the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Race, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Netz Cup Vitz Race, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Rally Challenge and a variety of circuit events; it will also hold the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing PARK hands-on event, in collaboration with dealers nationwide.

Going forward, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will continue to work together with its affiliates to create ever-better cars through its motorsports activities.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing motorsport activities available here:


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