Winter driving tips

Winter driving tips

Staying safe on winter roads requires skill, patience, and common sense, and you can make life a lot safer and easier for yourself simply by sticking to a few basics. The following winter driving tips will help keep you and your Toyota safe this winter no matter how crazy the conditions may get.

Clear off your vehicle
It is vital that you can see clearly out of every window in your vehicle, so take a few minutes to clear away any ice or snow that has accumulated before you head off. Don’t forget about the top of your vehicle either, because any snow left up there is at risk of blowing off as you are driving and impairing the visibility of those behind you. 

Slow down!
Stopping on ice and snow covered roads takes up to twice as long as in warm, dry conditions so slow your speed considerably, especially when changing lanes or turning corners as fast or jerky movements can jeopardize vehicle traction. 

Monitor the road conditions
Get into the habit of listening to local traffic reports before you head out, because knowing what is happening on the roads will make it easier to steer clear of trouble. Apart from avoiding accidents, breakdowns or traffic jams, monitoring the conditions will make it easy to know when it is best to stay off the roads altogether.

Steer clear of plows
Snow plows do a fantastic job of keeping the roads clear during winter; however, for safety’s sake give them a wide berth. Driving too close to a plow or trying to overtake one is extremely dangerous and could lead to your vehicle being sideswiped or turned into a snow bank.

Stick to main roads
Main roads are the first to be plowed following a snowfall and so will usually be in far better condition than back roads and side streets; therefore, stick to main routes as much as possible all winter long. 

Winterize your vehicle
Your vehicle needs to be ready for winter conditions if it is to handle those many challenges, because unless everything from your engine and defrost to your wipers, battery and brakes are at their best you will be taking your life in your hands every time you head out. Have your mechanic thoroughly inspect your vehicle and if you live somewhere that gets colder than 0°C, switch to winter tires.

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